Finding Moku:Go IP address

Maybe my question is sound silly. How can I find the Moku:Go IP address?

Hi kadalz,

Welcome to the forum, this is a good question. Depending upon how you are connected to your Moku:Go, the way to discover the Moku’s IP address is slightly different. From within the Moku app -

  1. For WiFi or ethernet connections; click on the small cogwheel in the left bottom of the Moku icon, then view either WiFi or ethernet tabs. Here is a short video to show how

  1. For USB connections; right click on the Moku icon then select “Device Info”, you will see the IPv6 address and an option to copy it to your clipboard.

I trust this helps,




Thank you for your info. I use USB connection, but I don’t see Copy IP address under devise Info. Secondly, can I use this ip address to connect Moku:Go with Matlab?

Thirdly, how you establish Wi-Fi connection in the first place. It seems the Moku Go app keeps indicating searching for devices…


Hi Nur,

take a look at the third video above; do you not see ‘Copy IP’ under device info ? What do you see ?
Yes, you can use this IP address so connect to the Moku over USB in MATLAB.

To establish the Wi-Fi connection, you will need to ensure your PC’s wifi is connected to the MokuGo hotspot. The MokuGo hotspot is usually named “MokuGo-xxxxxx”.