File size limitation for LI file converter

**Moku model: Moku_Pro
**Operating system: Windows
**Software version: 2.6

**Bug or support request description:
Hi All,
One customer found when they wanted to convert data file by LI file converter, approximately 8-900MB, the converted one would lost lots of data. Do we have the limitation on data size when using LI file converter?
I am looking forward to your kindly reply. Thank you.

Hi Robin.

When you convert a binary .li file to a text-based format like .csv, the output file can be many times larger than the input file. If the input file is 900 MB then the output file would be several GB. The first thing I would check is the file system of the drive that the files are on, because a drive formatted using the FAT32 file system only supports a maximum of around 4 GB for each file.

If you’re using the command-line converter, you can pass the --file-size-limit= argument to split the output into files no larger than the specified number of bytes. Unfortunately, the GUI converter doesn’t have this feature yet, but it is planned.


Hi Damian,
Thanks for your explanation. And It is quite clear for me.
Actually I didn’t notice the file system affecting on this issue. You reminded me about it.
I will turn back to check the splitting the output.