Dividing Input Signals and Sending Quotient to Output Port with Moku:Pro


I have been experimenting with my Moku:Pro device and I’ve successfully managed to divide two input signals using the oscilloscope feature. However, I am now facing a challenge in sending the quotient to one of the output ports.

I’ve scoured the user manual and online resources, but I couldn’t find a straightforward solution for this rather simple task. Has anyone successfully achieved this or have any insights on how to accomplish it?

To provide a bit more context, I’m interested in dividing two input signals and then sending the resulting quotient to one of the output ports for further analysis. I’ve explored the oscilloscope options but haven’t found a clear path to route the calculated quotient to an output port.

If anyone has experience with this or knows of a feature that I may have overlooked, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Additionally, if there are any workarounds or alternative methods to achieve this task, please feel free to share.

Hi J-Hirsch,

So, in the Oscilloscope instrument you won’t be able to route a math output to a BNC or Multi Instrument Mode output. You’ll be able to write a Moku Cloud Compile solution to divide your 2 inputs and send the quotient to an output. You can get started with Cloud Compile on our website here, or if you don’t have much VHDL experience I would suggest watching Ben’s Cloud Compile ChatGPT webinar, which shows you how to generate a square root calculation. You can watch that here.