Did You Know's: PID Controller

Moku:Go’s PID Controller features two fully configurable PID controllers with an output sampling rate of >2.5 MSa/s. This enables them to be used in applications requiring both low and high feedback bandwidths such as current or robotic arm control. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to directly adjust the PID parameters on the Bode plot. Users are able to monitor the effects of the change with the built-in oscilloscope in real-time, which makes Moku:Go‘s PID the best tool for control system labs.

Let us know your thoughts on this instrument and any use cases that come to mind!

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Here is a quick video showing how to use the PID Controller and its embedded Oscilloscope to do real-time controller tuning!

Channel A (red) is the setpoint and Channel B (blue) is the PID controller’s output.