Closed loop control using Moku:Go's PID Controller

Take a look at how Moku:Go can improve control systems labs by adding a visually interactive component to an otherwise theory heavy course! Moku:Go features a PID Controller that can be configured real-time which allows students to connect theory in the classroom to practical experience in the lab much faster. This project uses a DC fan, IR sensor, some 3D printed parts, and a ping-pong ball along with a Moku:Go to control the height of the ball by varying the power applied to the DC fan. This leads to many practical applications like open and closed loop PID tuning methods, system identification, and frequency domain stability analysis. Check out the full demo video below, or the application note that goes more in depth on how this project can be used in a control systems lab.

Want to recreate this project yourself? Send us a message at for access to the design files which includes the 3D print files (.obj or .stl), PCB gerber files, and full BOM list.