Transfer function PID Controller

Hi all,
Can somebody tell me what the transfer function of the Moku:Go PID controller is?

Thank you very much,

Hey Tim, I believe you are referring to the Real-time Interactive Tuning Using Moku:Go’s PID Controller video and the transfer function for the controller given at 6:53, is this correct?

If so then the transfer function should include the integrator saturation corner frequency as another zero in the transfer function’s denominator which means the full transfer function is:

0.48(s+1690)(s+0.310)/(s/0.3125 + 1)

Apologies for the formatting, but the reason for not including it originally is because the integrator saturation is given in decibels in the software so it was confusing to include it in the transfer function equation being pulled from the given corner frequencies. I hope this helps with your simulations and let us know if there are any features you would like to see added to the PID controller!