Calibration issues with Moku:Go

Moku model:MokuGo
Operating system:MacOS

Hi! We have been using the moku:go platform in our lab for several months, and there appears to be calibration issues with the instrument. We have recalibrated the Moku:Go several times, yet within a few days a DC offset reappears. For example, if we split the same signal into Input 1 and Input 2, the two inputs show a signal that is offset by roughly 30 mV, when it should be showing the same waveform. We were wondering if there is any known issue that may cause the Moku:Go to have offset issues, and if so if there is any solution. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Ryan_Finley,
We are also the user of the Moku go.
May I know that how do you calibrate your Moku box,
because we also have some problem with the input ports.
Thank you~