AC coupling corner frequency for Moku Go

I was wondering what filtering is done when “AC coupling” is enabled on various instruments? Specifically, what is the corner frequency for the high-pass filter? Maybe I’m missing it but I couldn’t find anything on the user forum or in the Moku Go manuals, and some quick experimentation suggests that the filter seems to depend on the frequency span requested (at least in the SA instrument). I suppose I could drive white noise and just measure this for a few spans, but if the filter can be revealed, that’d be really helpful :slight_smile:

The corner frequency of the high-pass filter for AC coupling on Moku:Go is 7 Hz. We define the AC coupling corner as -3dB. It may also be good to know that the Moku:Go only has a 1 MOhm input, there is no option to switch to a 50 Ohm input. Hope that helps!

Please let me know if you need any more help with the “filter seems to depend on the frequency span requested” part of your post after knowing the AC coupling corner. If you have any screenshots that would be helpful!