Peak around 800kHz in FRA

When I testing Moku:go’s FRA, I found that the signal strength increased more than 20dB and the phase was reversed around 800 kHz(a peak) in FRA without any signal inputs.
I just curious about why I can found the peak on the frequency.
Could you please explain to me?

  • I’m sorry I can’t upload the captured image with my office computer.
  • Device : Moku:Go
  • App : FRA
  • Measurement : In ÷ Out
  • Input / Output : No connection

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Hi @minodori ,

I am sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

I tried to reproduce your issue. I can see a similar peak around 850 kHz. However, that was due to the crosstalk between the DAC and ADC. I have attached a screenshot to this response. Would you please help us confirm if this is what you were seeing on your end?

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!

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Hi, Hanklog

Thank you for your explanlation for my question.
Yes, that’s right. The results you repoduced are same to what I have seen before.
You can also find another peak at 425kHz if you look at the frequency x-axis from 100kHz.
Is it natual freqency response of moku:go?
When I test FRA with my device, can the natural frequency resposne affects on the result?

Best Regares.


Hi Minho,

I am sorry that I can only find a peak around 500 kHz, but not the 425 kHz frequency. The 500 kHz peak is caused by the power supply switches. It is not noticeable on the Moku:Go units without a power supply.

Unfortunately, yes, this frequency response is the crosstalk floor on Moku:Go. In other words, a signal which has a lower magnitude response than this crosstalk floor couldn’t be measured because the signal will be covered by the crosstalk floor.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

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