Separate voltage scales for Oscilloscope traces

Could you make a way to show the voltage scale for each oscilloscope trace? Currently, the voltage axis only applies to the selected trace. This is misleading on screenshots, unless I take separate screenshots with each trace selected.

I can also add cursors and/or measurements, but it still isn’t as clear as I would like it to be.

I would prefer an option to split the screen horizontally, with a separate voltage axis for each section.

Another way would be to show volts per division for each channel, but that would require a consistent grid size.

It is not possible to show both voltage scales at the same time, however, you can sync the voltage scale of one channel to another by right-clicking on the currently selected trace and clicking “Sync channel scales”

If you click and drag the channels now then they will have the same voltage scales but will have different zero crossings since you have changed where the zero crossing is for that channel.

A few other tips for our Oscilloscope:

  • You can right-click on the cursors for more measurement options.
  • You can click on another trace to make it the currently selected channel to see the voltage scale of that channel
  • You can use the mouse wheel or trackpad to change the graph’s x or y axis

Thanks Sam. I understand that it is currently not possible, this is a New Feature request.

My problem is when I paste a screenshot into a Word document, or PowerPoint presentation, or email, etc. The screenshot does not stand on its own; I have to add a caveat: “The voltage scale on the left only applies to Channel A; Channel B has a different scale, but the Moku app doesn’t show both on its screen shots.” And I can’t even say what is the scale of Channel B in volts per division, because the grid size changes depending on which trace is selected.

Thank you for the feature request James, I have passed it along to our dev team.

It is still possible to get both channels to be on the same scale by right clicking on the trace and selecting “Sync channel scales”. If you click and drag the traces from here they will retain the same voltage scale for both. Both channels always have the same time scale at all times. This might make your screenshots easier to send. Please see the screenshots from my previous reply for where to find this setting.