Scaling of Spectrum Analyzer axes

Does the Moku Go’s spectrum analyzer tool support log-scaling the x axis (frequency axis)? From browsing the forums, it looks like the Moku Lab’s ipad app does provide this feature, but I can’t find it in the desktop app for the Moku Go (v1.0.2 build 9196). I’d also love to be able to log-scale the Vrms/rtHz axes as requested in #459 :slight_smile:, hope this is something that is in the pipeline

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Hello Guatam, thank you for posting to the LI forum!

Both of these features are in the pipeline but unfortunately are not currently available on the Moku:Go Desktop app (Windows or MacOS) as of yet. I’ll be sure to come back to this forum post to let you know when the next Desktop app update is out and please feel free to share any other feature requests you may have here as they all go back to our software team!

I do want to point out that we have dBV/rtHz available on the Spectrum Analyzer that does give you the y-axis in log scale. Is there a particular application where Vrms/rtHz being viewed in log scale is more useful for you?

thanks sam for the pointer - mostly, it’s a matter of convenience, I’m migrating to the Moku ecosystem from analyzers in which Vrms/rtHz is the default setting so I “know” what some expected noise levels are in my head. But in the meantime, dBV looks like a good workaround!

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Hi Gautam, the X-axis log scaling feature has just been added to our software with the 2.3.0 release! Update your software and find it under the Frequency tab on the right-hand side.

Thanks for your feedback!


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Thanks for this, I’ll give it a go!