Sand-glass on oscilloscope screen

I’m really enjoying your product Moku:Lab

But recently I have a trouble. When it is used as an oscilloscope with PC (Windows), often the play/pause button does not work fine. Instead a (terrible and horrible) sand-glass appears and cannot see a new data.

What is wrong and how can I avoid this situation? Whenever the ROLL mode is selected the play/pause works well

Thank you for your kind advice in advance!

Hi Byung,

The hourglass icon shows up when the Oscilloscope is not triggered, it means the Oscilloscope is waiting for a trigger event.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Set the trigger mode to “Auto”. You are probably on “Single” trigger mode, which captures only one frame of data at a time and you will have to click the play button to capture a new frame of data. Auto mode will display data even if the trigger condition is not met.
  2. Please make sure the trigger level is set to match your signal. For example, if the signal you are measuring is between -100 mV and 100 mV, but the trigger is set to 500 mV, because the signal never crosses over 500 mV the Oscilloscope will not be triggered.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve your issue.

Kind regards,