Oscilloscope samples depth

Moku model: Moku:Go
Operating system: Windows11
Software version: 2.5.0

Bug or support request description:

What about the samples depth of the Moku:Go Oscilloscope ?

On the user manual I find the following : 'Moku:Go’s Oscilloscope can record and display a
maximum of 16,384 points of pre-trigger data but as many as 2^32 points of post-trigger. In practice,
this limits the distance that you may scroll to the left and right. ', but what I see on the display is that there are 16384 points both on pre-trigger and on post-trigger.

How can I display and zoom the 2^32 points of post-trigger ?

You are right that our documentation is a bit ambiguous on how to actually view the 2^32 points of post trigger. I will update that asap!

As for how you can view these samples, it is easiest to use the ‘Normal’ trigger mode (this works with ‘Auto’, it is just dependent on the type of signal you are viewing and ‘Normal’ covers more cases) and then if you scroll to the left you will see the scroll is limited to only the 16384 points of pre-trigger but you can scroll to the right very extensively and view the 2^32 points on the screen.