Monitoring Filtered Signal in Lock-In Instrument with PID

Hi, I am using a Moku:Lab, version 3.1. In the lock-in amplifier instrument, is there a natural way to probe the demodulated and filtered signal (i.e., error signal) when the PID controller option is engaged? I have attached a screenshot showing this probe point:

I understand that I could 1. add an external PID controller using multi-instrument mode and monitor the lock-in output or 2. output a second filtered signal and monitor that, but I would prefer to use only one instrument and to save the second output for the local oscillator. Thanks!

Hi @wtobias Will,

Thank you for posting the questions here!

Unfortunately, I am sorry that we currently don’t have the probe point before the signal entering the PID. I will make a feature request for this point. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!

Best regards,

Thanks, Hank! This probe point would be very useful for monitoring the performance of the loop.