Moku: Pro API with USB connection

Does Moku: Pro have ability to be controlled with Python code when connected via USB? I tried to copy IP address from the Moku software, but that does not seem to work.

Yes, Moku:Pro can be controlled with python via USB. You will generally need to enclose the IPv6 address within square brackets and then within single quotations. If you have any issues please refer to our Python getting started guide here, or to this forum post that has some basic troubleshooting for IPv6.

The connection works, but only for the first time. When I run the same code again it will give me this error:
Exception occurred: [‘API Connection already exists.’]

If you get this error, you will need to either enable the Force Connect flag or make sure you relinquish ownership of the Moku at the end of your script. It is best to do both if possible. Refer to this forum post for help with clearing the ‘API Connection already exists.’ issue.