Making a Peak detector

Moku model:Moku:Go (M2)
Operating system: Win10
Software version:2.5.1

Hi I would like to make a Peak detector out of the MokuGo (M2) I have a ~Gausian pulse (100 µs wide) that I would like to find the peak of every shot (20Hz). I want the Moku:Go to update and send the Peak value of the most recent pulse in CH1-out untill the next pulse arives.

I’ve tried the PID Controller but I cant get it to use the peak-value (or amplitude) of the latest trigger event but rather the instantaneous value.

Any suggestions? should I use some other intrument?

Just to be clear, you want the amplitude of the previous pulse to be generated as a constant voltage on one of the outputs, correct?

If so, this definitely possible using Moku Cloud Compile. You could likely refactor our Event Counter example to do this or you could write custom code in VHDL to upload to Moku:Go.

The reason I suggest refactoring our Event Counter code is because since you know the pulse width but don’t know the pulse amplitude each cycle, you would want to save the pulse amplitude during a specific window which can be set using control registers in the Event Counter example. You can then pass this peak amplitude to the output of the MCC instrument.

Thanks! This sounds too complicated for me at the moment but good to know it should work