Lock-in Amplifier: Cannot set demodulation to External

Hi, when trying to set up the LIA to demodulate using an external signal using the API, we get the error [‘Cannot output second filtered signal when using external demodulation’] even when we don’t want to output any second signal. Attaching screenshot with the MWE and desired configuration from the app.

Hi @michkern,

Unfortunately, you are seeing a bug where the outputs cannot be set to ‘None’ when in External Demodulation mode. I’ve logged this bug with our API team and they’re working to fix that now.

If you are not trying to output anything from the Aux output then you should be able to work around this by setting aux=‘Aux’ then setting demodulation mode='External' and disconnecting the auxiliary output from anything, either by routing the signal to an unused connection in Multi-Instrument Mode or by physically removing the connection to the BNC. Here is the code for lines 56 and 58 per your screenshots:

    i.set_outputs(main='X', aux='Aux', main_offset=0.3, aux_offset=0.00)

Let me know how this goes,