"File does not exist" when trying to download logged file

I am trying to download a file from the moku with the Python API. For this I used the code from the datalogger_basic.py example from the documentation. Most importantly I use the lines:

i = Datalogger('192.168.###.###', force_connect=False)
logFile = i.start_logging(duration=10)
i.download("persist", logFile, os.path.join(os.getcwd(), logFile['file_name']))

However the files on my PC after the download only contain the following:
{"success":false,"data":null,"code":"INVALID_REQUEST","messages":["File does not exist"]}

I am not sure what the problem is. Things that I already tried were: using the DataLogger in MultiInstrumentMode, connecting over USB-C instead of LAN, changing the traget argument of download() to “bitstreams”, “logs” and “ssd”.

Thanks in advance for any advice.