CAD Model of case?

Any chance you’d release a CAD model of the case? I’d like to 3D print a bracket to fit and hold a breadboard on top. An STL file would be wonderful!

And, we might want to 3D print / laser cut cases for these – something like a customized lab kit to hold and protect all of the lab parts, probes, power supply, etc.

Bill Nace
Carnegie Mellon University

@BillNace this is a great idea. The top cover has a channel with is an air inlet for the cooling fan; so we need to have some keep-out area. Stayed tuned, more soon from on this idea.

That’s good to know (about the air inlet). I’ve been working with a sizeable breadboard just laying on top of the unit – I’m sure it was blocking most of the airflow. Perhaps something to add to the Quick Start Guide?

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