Available memory degrading during Moku:Lab Phasemeter data stream


I am using the Moku:Lab phasemeter to stream data based on the example LabVIEW VI (moku 3.0). It is currently not possible to change the Moku:Lab acquisition rate (sets to default 120 Hz), is there a workaround yet for this?

The main issue I’m having is that the stream only lasts a few hours, and it appears this happens as “available_memory” from “get_stream_status” approaches 0. I thought it might be a buffer to onboard memory issue, but maybe I am misunderstanding what the parameter is showing. It seems to start a 600MB and fall by about 100MB/hr. Data is being read out well and timely and cumulative_size keeps low.

Also, there doesn’t appear to be a way to set stream_id via LabVIEW. Is it possible to stream from two different Moku:Labs at once? I’ve attempted briefly, but it seems one stream won’t begin until another ends.

Simultaneous streaming was an easy fix. However, I have not heard any updates about controlling acquisition rate or the available_memory issue.