Unknown exception. Status code:504

Moku model: Moku:pro
Operating system:Python
Software version:

**Bug or support request description: When trying to use the MiM with Python where I want to extract data from a LockInAmp and a Spectral Analyser as function of an external parameter that I loop over, I get the error “Unknown exception. Status code:504” (cf simplified version of the code in the joint file)


Hi Remy, I ran this code on the current firmware (574) and did not encounter a “Unknown exception. Status code:504” error. Have you tried running this since our update at the end of November?

Status code:504 is typically associated with a network timeout so you may want to check the network connection to your Moku. If your script is terminating at the

m = MultiInstrument(...)

line then it is likely that there is an issue with connecting to your Moku:Pro. Are you able to see it using moku list in a terminal or in the software app?

It works now with the last update, thanks.