Time delay and resolution issue in LabVIEW LockIn Frequency Sweep

I was using the LabVIEW LIA Frequency Sweep VI by moku in a testing sequence.
1)The time delay between each step is more in respect to that specified in the loop. How can I reduce this time delay.
2)How can I increase the resolution of the graph upto 1Hz as that is the need.
3)Also the amplitude is getting saturated at that level it should be showing peaks.

I have attached the VI snap shot below, for your refference.

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Also I want this application to be in LabVIEW itself as my project is already developed in labview.
Aim is to integrate lockin system in my project.
I have attached my code snapshot for refference.



Thank you for posting your question in our user forum.

1. Time delay
The time delay is likely due to both the wait time setting and the get_realtime_data block. There is a 100 ms dwell time prior to the data acquisition, you can remove this to reduce the time delay. In the get_real_time function there is also a wait parameter, when it is set to True Moku will wait for all the changes to be implemented before capturing data. You can set wait to false to further reduce the time delay, but this means you may get data captured during measurement changes.

The rate at which the data is returned to the computer is also highly dependent on the connection quality, wireless connections transfer data at a slower rate and can feel like there’s a longer time delay, so I would recommend connecting to your Moku via Ethernet.

2. Frequency resolution
You can configure the frequency step to smaller frequencies, i.e. from 2 Hz down to 1 Hz.

3. Amplitude saturation
You can add in a set_frontend block from our Lock-in Amplifier palette to the vi, this will enable you to set the frontend input range to 10 Vpp and should therefore bypass the saturation issue.

4. Adding to your vi
You can copy all the functions from our example vi into your vi, this way you can to run the commands in your project.

Please let me know if this helps to resolves your issue.

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