Moku output load settings

I am looking for any further information about the output load settings for the Moku:Lab. The only explicit mention that I can find is a git release note from Apr 2018 that reads as follows:

“Pymoku cannot be told what load you’re placing on the output, and therefore assumes the common case of 50-ohm. Due to the Moku:Lab’s internal 50 ohm series termination, this means that a high impedance load may see at much as twice the requested voltage on the output.”

From reading the pymoku code-base on the github repository it doesn’t seem that this was ever changed. I also cannot see this anywhere in the Moku API for the Go/Pro devices.

Have I missed any documentation/has this feature been added? I wish to change the output load settings to 1MOhm with a python script as I can when I am using the Moku iPad App.