Bug on get_chunk function

Moku model:pro
Operating system: windows 10
Software version: 580

**Bug or support request description: in the function get_chunk (MATLAB) in MokuDatalogger the streamId value is called (by mistake?) stream_id, and throws an error. when fixed to streamId it seems to work

Hi @elustig, thank you for reporting this bug! We were able to reproduce the issue and will make sure to fix it for the next MATLAB package release, which will be soon

I should say that the reason I used get chunk and not get_stream, is because get_stream got into an infinite while loop, and did not work. I switched to python, and it did work. So I think there is a bug also in get_stream, I just could not point my finger to it.

We’re currently resolving issues with data streaming for the next release, which will address this issue too! Keep an eye out for it and please contact our support email if you continue to experience these problems